Promutuel Insurance | Fête du Lac des Nations

Brand Activation, Roaming Photographer

The project

For more than 40 years, the Fête du Lac des Nations has brightened up the city of Sherbrooke with its rides, pyromusical shows and musical performances. For the 2022 edition, Promutuel Insurance decided to offer an unparalleled souvenir at its on-site kiosk and that’s where we stepped in.

Promutuel Insurance
Services Involved
Brand Activation | Roaming photographer
Over 8 000 people photographed
Parc Jacques-Cartier, Sherbrooke

The experience

As soon as they arrived at the venue, festival-goers and families were invited to immortalize their presence with our roaming photographer. As the evening progressed, the unique experience of the kiosk increased. Indeed, our photographer was equipped with a balloon that instantly projected the pictures taken. In addition to all this, we equipped the Promutuel Insurance booth with a sharing and printing station, so that participants could leave with their souvenirs. Finally, in order to attract even more attention and curiosity from festival-goers, we installed a huge 10-foot media bubble that projected the photos taken during the event.

For this activity, we combined our roaming photographer with a brand activation for Promutuel Insurance, where our equipment, as well as the huge media bubble, were branded with the client’s logo and colors. Advertising was inserted through the projected images, but most importantly, we had data collection activated.


The results

In 2022, over four evenings, more than 1775 photos were taken | 4590 photos shared by email and text message | 2980 emails collected.