L’Équipe Spectra | Montréal en Lumière

Brand Activation, Roaming Photographer

The project

For more than 20 years, Montréal en Lumière has been a staple of the city’s winter scene. With over a million visitors in 2014, it is a must-see event offering a wide range of free activities, including the unmissable Nuit Blanche. In 2018, L’Équipe Spectra gave us the mandate to conceive a custom, bright and memorable brand activation on behalf of Promutuel Insurance.

L'Équipe Spectra
Services Involved
Roaming Photographer | Brand Activation
An average of 14 000 people
Place des Arts, Montreal

The experience

Festival-goers braving the February cold were invited to have their picture taken in front of the illuminated Ferris wheel on the Place des Festivals in Montreal’s Quartier des spectacles. Their picture was then projected on a huge lighted balloon carried by our roaming photographer. But above all, people were invited to go to the Promutuel Insurance booth to share and print their picture in the sponsor’s colors.


The results

In 2020, over 8 days, it’s more than; 3000 email sent | 9850 photos printed | 3648 photos taken.
In 2019, it’s more than; 7475 email sent | 11 240 photos printed | 17233 people photographed | 6030 photos taken.
In 2018, it’s more than; 6837 email sent | 7453 photos printed | 13738 people photographed | 5118 photos taken.