IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant | Telus

Brand Activation, Video Booth

The challenge

In collaboration with Tribu Expérientiel and on behalf of Telus, we created a brand activation consisting of a custom video station (videobooth) on the grounds of the IRONMAN in Mont-Tremblant. Family and friends of the athletes could record a short video of encouragement. A personalized visual with the athlete’s name was instantly integrated to the video. Then, our on-site sharing agents helped participants send the video to each other by email to keep this memorable souvenir. But above all, this video was projected on a giant screen with sound. Indeed, thanks to the RFID bracelet worn by the athletes, once they reached the last kilometers before the finish line, the video was instantly projected.


Tribu Expérientiel
Services Involved
Brand activation | Videobooth
An average of 3350 persons

The experience

A one of a kind brand activation for friends and family as well as for the athlete, where the element of surprise just before the finish line adds a layer of strong emotions.


The results

In 2019, over 7 days, that’s over 400 videos for the IRONMAN 70.3 | 845 for the IRONMAN | 4025 people in front of the camera.
In 2018, that’s over 420 videos for the IRONMAN 70.3 | 775 for the IRONMAN | 3875 people in front of the camera.
In 2017, that’s over 315 videos for the IRONMAN 70.3 | 365 for the IRONMAN | 2210 people in front of the camera.